We, the family Complojer.

Everybody’s pitching in, from the youngest to the eldest. Reception, kitchen, bar and service – we are taking care of all these areas in the hotel ourselves. Our junior works in the kitchen and offers delicious alpine food, served by his girlfriend, to our guests. His parents are in charge of the bar and reception. To us, family means tradition. Our hotel was built in the 50ies by the parents of the current owner. Back then, it was known under the name “Villa – Pensione Waldruh”. Since then, a lot has changed. The rooms were initially offered with running cold and hot water, a luxury for that period of time. Little by little, the hotel was then expanded and restructured and the rooms were equipped with comfortable bathrooms. Just recently, the last remaining rooms were finally brought to completion – traditional charm in a modern atmosphere.

Generation to generation.

Ladin mythology.

Now and then.